Salas Piantini Campus

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2019-Ongoing

The future Salas Piantini Corporate Campus will stand out among the city’s new towers, making a difference and innovating while adapting to the aesthetics and nature of the immediate context. The verticality of the project becomes a landmark in the city. The envelope is a grid of louvres that are fluidly distributed, adapting to the full and empty spaces of the building so that a harmonious unity is perceived. Besides being the very essence of its aesthetic image, the envelope mentioned above is, in turn, the structural support of the building.

The presence of the building from any scale is imposing; it is positioned between two key sectors in the city, being able to revitalize the image of the area to a great extent. Its fluid and sinuous structure draws the attention of the citizen/viewer, making them participate in the project’s experiences.

The proposal’s main objective is to complete the city, communicate and live together in it, and achieve a singular landmark. Always in coexistence with the existing uses in the environment, they are intended to cover the needs detected in the situation and regenerate the urban fabric through a new interconnected network of activity-attracting sources. Thus, the proposal generates spaces of different character: those more temporary, destined for the city or “empty spaces” and those containers of the most permanent uses or “full spaces.”

Finally, to create a sustainable proposal over time, marked by innovation and technology. A building that not only respects the surrounding environment but is also capable of generating an added environmental contribution.

  • Place/Date: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic / 2019-Ongoing
  • Client: Salas Piantini
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: Bernabeu Ingenieros / Optimun / AAS / Zagrul
  • Area: 430,500 sq. ft.
  • Stage: Under development
  • Team: Carmen Andújar – Juan Bueno – Camille McCollum – Francisco Rojo – Patricia Rojas – Cristina Sánchez – Fernando Sánchez – Óscar Torrejón – Marcos Velasco – Luis Vidal