by luis vidal

Artists create and transmit emotions through sculptures and paintings with unpredictable results. Engineers resolve problems using known parameters and tools with predictable results. Architects must master both professions so that their designs are useful to society, be it a city, a building or a chair.

Architects have to find the correct balance between tradition and modernity since they work for current society, but with a visionary character, contributing to the welfare of all. Architects are adventurers, as design is one of the greatest adventures that can be undertaken in life. They set out without knowing where their journey will take them.

It is a process in which the journey is as important and intensive as the end result. Architects have to operate between innovation and technique, with innovation being in the terrain of the unknown and technique in the terrain of the known.

Architects must practice with precision, as they must satisfy the needs of society, their clients, and the users. They have to be up to the requirements, both functional and aesthetic. They have to develop quality products, both artistically and technically.

Architects have a great responsibility, as the configuration of cities, buildings and design has a decisive influence on the way society relates, behaves and acts.

Architects have a demanding profession; they walk on a razor’s edge, with no margin for error when designing. If they are wrong, society will “have to live with” that “big mistake” for years to come.

Architects are a world apart; they are both unpredictable and predictable at the same time. They are professionals who always fight for their ideals and values.