P.E.T.O.T Samaná

Samaná Peninsula, Dominican Republic. 2017-Ongoing

The P.E.T.O.T. (Urban and Territory Strategic Plan) is a planning tool designed to transform 54,857 acres of land in the North of Samaná Peninsula into a new urban landmark with its own character and identity. The main goal is to turn this area into a landmark recognizable both nationally as a place to gather and internationally as a new destination.

In PHASE 1, the strategy was defined by establishing the following guidelines:

1 Connectivity: making Samaná a connected area where pedestrians play a central role the public realm.

2 Diversity: Samaná Peninsula aims to be a diverse territory where coastal tourism is combined with mountain and landscape tourist attractions.

3 Community: Samaná will be supplied with a complete-multifunctional equipment system.

As a next step and considering different scales, PHASE 2 settles down a proposal containing a territory and tourism model based on protecting and enhancing landscape and natural resources. This phase establishes a sustainable transport and mobility network that improves global accessibility to the area while pointing out the preferred location of both local and general equipment and facilities that aim to enrich residents’ and visitors’ quality of life.

  • Place/Date: Samaná Peninsula, Dominican Republic / 2017-Ongoing
  • Client: Ministerio Administrativo de la Presidencia de República Dominicana
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Area: 54,857 acres
  • Stage: Under development
  • Team: Constanza Andrade – Carmen Andújar – Leidy Delgado – Itziar de Francisco – Zainab Ibrahim – Pedro de Lachiondo – Rafael Meana – Paloma Montero – Alejandro Nieto – Eugenia Porras – Johanna Rodríguez – Patricia Rojas – Leslie Salomón – Fernando Sánchez – Gonzalo Sánchez – Cristina Sánchez – Óscar Torrejón – Luis Vidal – URBE