New Colón Towers

Madrid, Spain. 2019-Ongoing

luis vidal + architects has designed the redevelopment project of the Colón Towers to become a new architectural icon for the city of Madrid.

The redevelopment project will enhance the structural solution designed in the 70s by an engineer, Javier Manterola, to proceed to its downward construction, which is now reinforced and gains greater visibility with the proposed new solutions. Thus, the building will maintain the original hanging structure in its entirety, modifying the design and exterior architecture to adapt it to the new needs of the 21st century.

The reform also includes the suppression of the current “plug” of the building. Taking advantage of this space, the property will have four new office floors. In any case, the height (117 meters) and buildable of the towers will be maintained, as required by the General Direction of Building Control. Its current area is 218,500 sqft. and it will continue to be so.

The new design has already been approved by the Commission for the Protection of the Historical-Artistic and Natural Heritage of the Madrid City Council.

The new Colon Towers will revitalize and modernize the image of an emblematic area of the city with a building that will change its appearance.It will be the first high-rise office building in Spain considered nearly Zero-Energy Building (nZEB).

  • Place/Date: Madrid, Spain / 2019-Ongoing
  • Client: Mutua Madrileña
  • Area: 218,500 sqft.
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: Krea / Úrculo / Calter / Decibel / Liquid Ambar
  • Stage: Under construction 
  • Team: Gustavo Abelenda – José Aguado – Antonio Albertos – Luis Alfaro – Bianca Amerini – Javier Bartret – Alfredo de Blas – Carmen Andujar – Trinidad Antunovic – Marta Cariñena – Álvaro Carmona – Marta Cumellas – Obie Díaz – Beatriz Eyries – José Benito Fernández – Jorge Ferreiro – David Fernández Feito – Isabel Gil – Carlos González – Ricardo González – Sandra González – Carolina Hernández – Julio Isidro Lozano – Joaquín Maire – Clara Martín – Humberto Martínez – Peru Medem – Carmen Merlo – Lucía de Molina – Paloma Montero – Natalia Moreno – Vicente Navarro – Eduardo Prida – Nicolás Orellana – Xell Orti – Enrique Pérez – Isabel Rodrigo – Patricia Rojas – Irene Rojo – Francisco Rojo – Martín Rivas – Francisco Sanjuan – Gentaro Shimada – Javier Torrado – Jose Antonio Torrecilla – Oscar Torrejón – Ítalo Veas – Luis Vidal