Los Robles Masterplan

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2016-Ongoing

In the absence of a Land Management Plan to regulate the three districts of the Distrito Nacional, the new Masterplan will ensure the orderly development of what may be the last large area of undeveloped land in the city.

Therefore, we are working on the promotion of an ambitious project that offers not only a unique buying opportunity but is also a development without precedent. Besides being unifying, flexible, sustainable, and eco-friendly, it is above all distinctive and innovative, with an added value that will turn it into a landmark, a focal point for activities that will produce synergies and become an attractive element for both residents and visitors.

The Masterplan, in addition to containing a unique residential development, will enable the creation of what could become one of the most important centres of commercial, institutional and leisure facilities in the entire Distrito Nacional. From the consolidation and generation of a new facade front on both sides of the Avda. República de Colombia, it will achieve an increase in the land value of the area and the adjoining land.

The project is organized in two areas differentiated by their use and location:

• Reserva Los Robles: This is a predominantly residential development on lands with the highest environmental value. A unique place to live in harmony with nature, surrounded by an important green ecosystem. It started with the original design of the architect Rafael Selman.

• Tertiary, Commercial and Services Area of Los Robles: In the land located on both sides of Avda. República de Colombia, with part facing the new American Embassy and part acting as the front of the new residential development.


  • Place/Date: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic / 2016-Ongoing
  • Client: Urbanización los Robles, S.R.L
  • Area: 100 Ha
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: Lynka / Calter / Marta Puig
  • Stage: Under development
  • Team: Carmen Andújar – Trinidad Antunovic – Sabina Aparicio – Joaquín Maire – Rafael Marmolejos – David Meana – Peru Medem – Paloma Montero de Espinosa – Alejandro Nieto – Héctor Orden – Eugenia Porras – Patricia Quilez – Isabel Rodrigo – Cristina Sánchez – Fernando Sánchez – Óscar Torrejón – Luis Vidal