Colorado Air and Space Port

Colorado, USA. 2013-2018

After a nearly yearlong selection process, the Spanish practice luis vidal + architects, together with the American engineering and architecture firm HDR, have won the contest to develop a spaceport in Colorado (USA). Thus, luis vidal + architects has become the first Spanish architecture studio to be involved in the design of a space transport infrastructure, confirming not only the global scope of the studio, but also the international recognition of its track record and extensive experience in the field of transport architecture.

The project is currently in its preliminary phase: this pivotal step in the Front Range Airport in its quest to build a 21st-century spaceport, a transportation and technology centre that will pave the way for the airport to obtain the license granted by the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA/AST).

Specifically, luis vidal + architects will evaluate the project from an architectural point of view, proposing a preliminary design for the spaceport facility, with a technological and futuristic inspiration.

In addition, luis vidal + architects have been involved in the design of a modular multiphase building. The first phase is the creation of a training centre.

  • Place/Date: Colorado, Denver, USA / 2013-2018
  • Client: Front Range Airport Authority Board
  • Architects: HDR, Inc. in association with luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: Silverwing Enterprises / Cardno TEC / Economic Strategies LLC / Lockheed Associates / Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies
  • Stage: Under development