Santiago de los Caballeros New International Airport

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. 2021-Ongoing

Cibao International Airport is undergoing a pioneering expansion, bringing with it a new terminal equipped with the latest airport security technology, and the transformation of the current building into a hybrid mixed-use space. The expanded area will host a raised parking area connected to the new terminal, the airport offices and a wide commercial, gastronomic, hotel and business offer, which complements the services offered by the airport itself.

The new terminal building is equipped with nine contact stands, designed on two levels to segregate the flow of departures from that of arrivals, thus optimizing the processes. Over 1.2 miles of new roads and 32,200 square feet of green areas are also incorporated. An elevated and independent access road leads to the check-in area on level 2, while another access road connects everything to the pre-existing building and the arrivals hall on level 1.

Inspired by the linearity of the harvest fields of bananas, tobacco and coffee, boundaries are blurred, and a linear and continuous landscape is being created throughout the terminal. The new design blends with the curves of the surroundings, offering an interior-exterior continuity that brings the gardens inside, emulating the vegetation shade through the materials of the interior ceilings and more than 4,000 tons of timber making up the roofing structure.

  • Place/Date: Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic / 2021-Ongoing
  • Client: Cibao International Airport
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: Optimum / Gesnaer / AAS Ermes / Palo Verde Design / Spectro
  • Area: 1,015,036 sq. ft. built + 150,694 sq. ft. green areas + 215,278 sq. ft. roads
  • Budget: 300 M USD
  • Stage: Under construction
  • Team: Beatriz Almeida – Carlos Albi – Antonio Albertos – Guillermo Álvarez – Nelson Aquino – José Benito Fernández – Carmen Bisono – Almudena Bustos – Nuria Campillo – Fernando Callejón – Louis Edwards – Tania Estay – Sandra González – Victoria González-Aller – Jesús Gallego – Pablo Marín – Rafael Marmolejos – Sara Moreno – Conchita Millán – Diego Miranda – Alejandro Nieto – Eduardo Prida – Johanna Rodríguez – Patricia Rojas – Francisco Rojo – Néstor Rouyet – Claudia Sabán – Leslie Salomón –Cristina Sánchez – Manuel Sánchez – Marcos Velasco – Quique Sánchez – Javier Torrecilla – Francisco Sanjuán – Ana Taboada – Óscar Torrejón – Luis Vidal