Botín Center

Santander, Spain. 2011-2017

The quality of a design is also a reflection of elements that are not strictly architectural, but absolutely necessary. In this case, the Botín Center reflects the successful collaboration between two architects with a common language: Luis Vidal and Renzo Piano.

The result of this successful collaboration, where light, flexibility, transparency and dialogue with the city generate a beautiful synergy, is a design that has transformed the city of Santander, bringing the historic center and its centenary gardens closer to the bay, where the Botín Center is located.

The building hangs over the land, suspended over the sea. It is composed of two volumes, in response to the need to create an art center and an informative programmatic space, including an auditorium conceived as a multifunctional box, capable of hosting concerts, conferences and creative events such as workshops.

A series of light steel and glass walkways separate the two rounded volumes of the building, creating a new public square located above sea level.

The Botín Center manages to capture the sunlight intensely, the water’s brightness and Cantabria’s unique atmosphere. An architectural symphony at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Place/Date: Santander, Spain / 2011-2017
  • Client: Fundación Botín
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects (AoR) in association with Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Consultants: PM Bovis / Typsa / Gleeds / Arup / Müller BBM / F. Caruncho / Dynamis / artec3 Studio
  • Area: 107,640 sq. ft.
  • Budget: 40 M €
  • Stage: Built
  • Team: Patricia Allona Krauel – Andoni Arrizabalaga – Marta Cumellas – Lucía de Molina Benavides – Sara del Piñal – David Fernández – David Fernández-Feito – Ester Fuente – Emilio García – Magdalena García de Durango – Raúl Gómez – Julio Isidro Lozano – Patricia Lozano – Manuel Martín Ribas – Humberto Martínez – Héctor Orden – Patricia Rojas – Francisco Rojo – Irene Rojo – Antonio Sánchez Moliní – Carlos Sanz – Beatriz Sendín – Javier Torrado – Óscar Torrejón – Sol Uriart – Luis Vidal – Pablo Vila; Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Emanuela Baglietto – Francesca Becchi – Paola Carrera – Mark Carroll – Shunji Ishida – Simone Lafranconi – Margherita Menardo – Marco Monti – Alberto Morcelli – Raffaella Parodi – Renzo Piano – Sara Polotti – Luciano Simonelli – Ana Maria Zambrano Garza