Tokio, Japan. 2014

The 2D-4D project is an iconic home. Architecture that responds to the wishes and needs of users and that at the same time adapts to the possibilities of the space and the challenges of the future. It is impossible to imagine what technology will be used in 35 years, but it is possible to rethink the space of the home in terms of volume without the limit of two dimensions. The next milestone in housing will be measured in cubic meters and not square meters.

For this reason, the house of the future projected by luis vidal + architects in the present is capable of changing with its inhabitants, the new city models, technology, social needs, and security concern. The domestic interior of the 21st century needs flexibility, storage, and comfort. A modular space with volumetric surfaces, easy to use, where natural light, the relationship with the outside and the change of interior furniture are essential.

  • Place/Date: Tokio, Japan / 2014
  • Client: Sumitomo
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Stage: Conceptual design