Matta Sur wins the Gubbio 2021 Award

October 1, 2021

The Community Center + CESFAM Matta Sur obtains the First Prize in the international Gubbio Awards 2021 in the Latin America and the Caribbean section as Best Intervention on a City and Historic Centers.

Matta Sur has positioned itself as the winner against a total of twenty-nine projects from twenty-four different cities and twelve countries throughout the region. The Los Parques del Bajo project, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have also won the First Prize in the same category.

According to the jury, a heritage building of great value for the community and for a much-needed social use, a family health center, is rescued with this intervention. They also highlight the respectful coexistence between the new building and the architectural language of the heritage building, thanks to the colors, materials, rhythms of the openings and the vertical and horizontal composition. The project, articulated around a large interior space that becomes the protagonist of the new project from which the whole complex is organized, is a fluid and functional solution. In addition, it solves the structural and technical infrastructure needs of the program, adapts to the needs offered by the historic building and utilizes in the new building for the functions that require greater technological features.

This important award, in which Matta Sur was presented jointly by the Municipality of Santiago and luis vidal + architects, has been awarded by the General Directorate of Heritage, Museums and the Historic Quarter of the City of Buenos Aires, the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana and the International Center for Conservation of Heritage (CICOP Argentina).