Vilnius Train Station

Vilnius, Lithuania. 2021

The project for the new transport hub in Vilnius is based on the elaboration of an urban strategy for the surroundings of the train station and the design of a new bus station for medium and long distance travel, refurbishing the existing train station to adapt it to the new railway network and the arrival of local, national and international trains.

The masterplan for the backdrop of the station is centered on the enhancement of the landscape surrounding the railway, in order to join the neighborhoods located on both sides of the tracks.

The programme for the new transport hub prioritises pedestrians, generating new public spaces in front of the station by taking the bus station underground, and establishing new pedestrian connections over the tracks between their north and south sides.

The new station acts as a footbridge between the north and south neighborhoods, while also hosting the railway operations programme, with hallways for international trains and spaces that face the city from where local and regional trains depart. In the latter, access control is carried out on the platform itself.


  • Place/Date: Vilnius, Lithuania / 2021
  • Client: Lithuanian Railways
  • Area: 2,562,000 sqft. (323,000 sqft. station + 301,500 sqft. landscape + 1,937,500 sqft. masterplan)
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: INECO
  • Stage: Conceptual design
  • Team: Rocío Alonso – Bianca Amerini – Beatriz Fernández-Bermejo – Paloma Montero – Carlos Peña – Javier Torrecilla – Óscar Torrejón – Ana Vela – Luis Vidal