Valladolid Masterplan

Valladolid, Spain. 2005-2010

A sustainable project, in environmental and economic terms, which proposes reconnecting the city and reviving the most disadvantaged areas through systems of intensive land use and mixed use.

The incorporation of a single and continuous boulevard, more than 4 km long and up to 60 m wide, is proposed, combining elements that will enrich the social and cultural life of the city. A pedestrian promenade through green spaces and small parks, a bicycle path, a space for new urban facilities, and a corridor to incorporate a new public transport system. A doubly sustainable project in environmental and economic terms.

  • Place/Date: Valladolid, Spain / 2005-2010
  • Client: ADIF / Valladolid Citycouncil
  • Budget: 1.000 M €
  • Area: 100 Ha.
  • Architects: luis vidal + architects
  • Consultants: RSHP / Idom
  • Stage: Conceptual design. First prize
  • Team: María Álvarez-Santullano – Eva Couto – Marta Cumellas – Almudena de Benito – David Fernández-Feito – José Gad Peralta – Lennart Grubb – Ivan Harbour – Carlos Jiménez – Carmen Jiménez – José Luis Lleó – Jugatx López Amurrio – Arturo López-Bachiller – Ana Marco – Carmen Márquez – Bárbara Pérez – Óscar Torrejón – Luis Vidal