El Prat International Airport

Barcelona, Spain. 2019

The aim of the competition is to propose the necessary actions to adapt the facilities of Terminal Building T1 of Barcelona-El Prat Airport to the future air traffic. It will be carried out through the construction of a new T1S Satellite Building and the associated platform in the area between runways, connecting both terminals (T1 and T1S) through a tunnel that houses the SATE and APM facilities.

The shape and location of the Satellite Building responds to an exhaustive analysis of aircraft movements on ground floor and the optimization of the space on the air side, as well as to the planned tunnel, which will be the umbilical cord that connects the facilities.

The design aims to maximize the supply of connections of the satellite, minimizing the built area in order to develop an optimal economic and functional solution that provides a generous offer of commercial areas.

The design of the Satellite Building bases on the existing Terminal 1 spaces, making them recognizable and familiar to the user in order to offer a readable and relaxed itinerary, as well as a comprehensive image of Barcelona Airport as a whole space.

  • Place/Date: Barcelona, Spain / 2019
  • Client: Aena
  • Area: 1,618,250 sqft.
  • Capacity: 52,6 M pax/year
  • Architects: RBTA in association with luis vidal + architects
  • Stage: Conceptual design
  • Team: Luis Vidal – Óscar Torrejón – Fernando Callejón – David Fernández Feito – Francisco Rojo – Francisco San Juan – Marcos Velasco – Pierluca Roccheggiani – Almudena Bustos – Jesús Gallego – Juan Rubio – Sara Moreno – Natalia Moreno – Paloma Moreno – Luis García Grech – Victoria González-Aller – Isabel Rodrigo – Carlos Albi Muro – Peru Medem – Alba del Castillo – Sanae Khalil – Javier Domínguez – Sarai Marcos