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Over the past years, society has developed a growing environmental awareness: we seek clean and renewable energies, low-emission cars, eco-friendly buildings, more efficient infrastructures and smart cities. Architecture, of course, cannot be distanced from this tendency and understands the importance of this new coexistence between building development and our natural environment.  

However, in luis vidal + architects we like to talk about Responsibility instead of sustainability; Responsibility defines a behavior, a position when dealing with projects, whether large urban developments or small designs of an industrial nature; it also defines our attitude towards our client and the end user.

Our goal is “zero-emissions”: waterproof enclosures, with high levels of insulation and good solar protection; efficient heating systems; ventilation; air conditioning (HVAC) and illumination, that not only ensure considerable economic and energy savings, but also improve the comfort of the occupants. 

At luis vidal + architects, we look at projects from three different perspectives:

The User

The indoor environment has a direct effect on the health, wellbeing and performance of the building’s users. A comfortable environment has a positive effect in terms of productivity, for example in offices, or improvement of health in hospitals, and will lower stress levels in big infrastructures like airports. 

Owners and Developers

In the long term, a sustainable office designed with environmental criteria generates benefits for workers - a more confortable atmosphere and environment quality – as well as for the clients, since work productivity is increased while at the same time energy consumption is reduced. 

Design team and industry pioneers 

Our design team’s vast experience and technical ability are essential during this process, given that, in terms of environmental criteria, factors such as construction, energy efficiency, the responsible use of materials, and the quality of the interior environment are decisive factors to consider in the early design stage. The design team also has work hand in hand with the client to fully understand their objectives, guarantee to meet the deadlines and work within budgets. 

Regardless of the scale, all projects in our portfolio are born with the same DNA that defines our social, economic and environmental commitment. In one word: RESPONSIBILITY. 

Our methodology can be summarized as:

  • A holistic and responsible methodology that provides an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the project. 
  • A financial analysis of the sustainable design solutions (active and passive), including a careful selection of materials, considering low environmental impact of the solutions, low CO2 emissions, and acoustic comfort inside the building. 
  • Presenting the results to our clients together with a series of the most efficient design solutions according to their targets and the scope of the business.

Responsibility of luis vidal + architects: The Facts 

luis vidal + architects has a team of multidisciplinary professionals with a broad technical and structural background, trained in the most recognized international environmental certification systems (LEED, BEEAM, etc.) and recognized as accredited voices in the international arena.  A special mention must be made of the members of our team in the working groups for the adaptation of the prestigious BREEAM certification to the Spanish regulations in 2010.

All our projects speak for themselves in terms of RESPONSIBILITY and energy efficiency, as many of our designs have been certified by several internationally renowned entities, becoming landmarks in sustainable architecture. Among others, it should be noted, receiving the first LEED Platinum Certificate in Europe for the Campus Palmas Altas project in Seville (Spain); for being the first airport building to receive a BREEAM certificate for London Heathrow Terminal 2 - taken also as a reference model for the future building of airports; or the BREEAM certificate given to the new Hospital in Vigo (Galicia, Spain); the LEED Platinum for the tower building in Castellana 77, the LEED Gold certificate for the new façade and retrofit of the Eloy Gonzalo 10 offices, both in Madrid. Together with these, the MOOD faucet from Porcelanosa (Pre-certified BREEAM) has received the KBB Review Award. 

These facts only serve to consolidate our philosophy and contribute to a career path that we are truly proud of in luis vidal + architects; RESPONSIBILITY as a tool to achieve an objective: obtaining an efficient product, respecting the environment, and the final satisfaction of the client and the user.