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Gerona Airport New Control Tower

The new Control Tower comes from the need of AENA to improve the existing facilities, responding to the future growth of the airport itself, air traffic volume, and landscape regeneration of the surroundings. 

The new location is situated strategically to have a total field of vision of both existing and future runways. It is located in a place with a large amount of local trees (Mediterranean Pine) where there is currently a building that serves the airport. The new tower will be in the same location as that building, occupying 50% of the plot, thus preserving the existing vegetation. The land that extends in the back of the plot is covered by a pine forest, which integrates our plot into the landscape.

The proposed scheme for the New Control Tower is based on the “tower-building” concept, resulting in a compact building in which four distinct parts combine to form two horizontal (base) and vertical (shaft, cab and technical level) volumes. The services are located in the base, the shaft plays mainly a structural role and houses several functions, the control room is located in the cab, and the mechanical floor houses the most technical part of the program. The formal relationship between these parts responds to the combination of a structural solution, facade treatment, and material selection. The three have been carefully chosen in order to give value to the volume’s language. We aim for an honest architecture based on the use of environmentally responsible construction solutions, which contribute not only to the aesthetics of the building, but also to its integration with the surroundings and to adding value to the environment.

An honest architectural solution based on the use of environmentally responsible construction solutions


Place/Date: Gerona, 2011
Client: AENA
Budget: Confidential
Surface: 1.333 m²
Arquitects: luis vidal + arqchitects
Contributors: Sener Ingeniería, Sistemas S.A.
Project Status: Concept Design
Team: Nick Axel - Andoni Arrizabalaga - David Ávila - Eva Couto - Julio Isidro Lozano - Patricia Lozano - Silvia Martín - Francisco Rojo - Irene Rojo de las Heras - Óscar Torrejón - Sol Uriarte - Luis Vidal