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proyectos / Transportation / NEW OKECIE AIRPORT TERMINAL - WARSAW

New Okecie Airport Terminal - Warsaw

Luis Vidal Co-author with L.A, Project Director JV LA- Ferrovial-Budimex.
First Prize International Competition.

The challenge was to design a functional hub airport that was perfectly integrated with the existing terminal building in operation.

A modular structure based on the current one was designed, achieving a spatial coherence between both terminal buildings. The sense of continuity is enhanced by a modern facade that covers both buildings. 

Some current members of luis vidal + architects were part of LA’s design team.

Modular structure following the outline of the existing building


Place/Date: Varsovia, Polonia, 2001-2007
Client: Polish Airports State Enterprise (PPL)
Budget: 200.000.000 $ (PEC, CC)
Surface: 100.000 m²
Arquitects: Luis Vidal co-author and Project Director with LA
Contributors: Sener, Niras, Budimex, Ferrovial Oficina Técnica
Project Status: Built