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Murcia Airport New Terminal

luis vidal + architects was invited to partake in this international tender, whose objective was to create a new passenger terminal, a control tower, and the adjacent urbanization with capacity for up to five million passengers per year. We aimed for a flexible building built with materials compatible with the environment and with advanced technology in order to minimize operating costs and achieve a modern and welcoming airport. The objective was a design for a functional and flexible airport, easy to expand, with reduced maintenance and with a strong design identity, a project focused on passenger comfort and the operational functionality of the whole airport.

The team reached a design for a very functional airport, turning optimum technical solutions into intelligent construction solutions with reduced energy consumption, and creating a modern terminal with the highest technical and aesthetic quality. The building design integrates the different disciplines within architecture, such as aesthetics, engineering, and construction technology, achieving a design with a high degree of transparency, openness, and interior flexibility. The use of natural light has been optimized to improve both the quality of the spaces and energy efficiency, while allowing for future expansions at any time.

The terminal dominates the site and seems to emerge from the land. Its rectangular shape combines simplicity and efficiency with special design solutions applied to the remarkable roof. The structure is based on a diagonal pattern, which contributes to the special character of the building, allowing the use of optimal modular geometry, which makes possible a very flexible and viable building from the point of view of the construction as well the management and operations.

The iconic roof allows natural light to enter while preventing glare and solar radiation. It is, in short, a building focused on passenger comfort and operational functionality of the terminal.

A design looking at passenger comfort and operational functionality of the terminal


Place/Date: Murcia, 2007
Client: Acciona
Budget: 65 M €
Area: 37.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Sener Ingeniería, Dalda Estructuras, Grupo JG, Calle 41
Project Status: First place in the technical proposal
Team: David López - Manuel Navarro - Martina Rauhut - David Sobrino - Óscar Torrejón - Marcos Velasco - Luis Vidal