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Heathrow Sprint Eleven

The preliminary plan for a terminal building at Heathrow Airport, London, will replace the existing Terminal buildings 1 and 2. The proposed terminal is focused on prioritizing the passenger experience, by creating spacious areas bathed in natural light, the use of high-quality, warm, and durable materials, the “decipherability” of the building and orientation, providing maximum comfort and convenience to the users during the air transit process.

The proposal aims to create a suitable environment, far from the confusing spaces generating anxiety that often characterize airports, providing a stress-free, easily navigable environment for users. At the same time it provides a modular design with easy decipherability, rapid construction, and economy of scale.

The project was designed with strict time and cost deadlines, optimizing space and use of surfaces. The roof turns into a continuous wave embracing the building and its facade, creating a set of skylights that, by facing north and south, fill the building with natural light throughout the day.

The roof becomes a continuous wave, filled with skylights


Place/Date: Londres, 2007
Client: Ferrovial
Budget: 638 M €
Area: 140.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Ferrovial Agroman, Fhecor, CG proyectos, Solventa, Hoare Lea Consulting, Davis Langdon Schumann Smith, Warington fire Research, Reef Associates, Siemens-Vanderlande, Immodo, Carma
Project Status: Concept Design
Team: Carlos Peña - Francisco Sanjuan - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal