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Denver International Airport

luis vidal + architects is awarded the complete renovation Great Hall, Denver International Airport, the fifth busiest airport in the U.S.

As one of the first P3 investment models entering the U.S. aviation industry, the team led by Ferrovial in conjuction with luis vidal + architects, as design Prime Architects, this project will completely transform the passenger experience in Denver.

The existing Denver International Airport’s main terminal, known as the Great Hall, has an iconic image and a remarkable personality, that is highly recognized by the local community. The objective of this renovation is to revamp its image through a modernization through its’ materiality, chosen to provide warmth, cleanliness and durability.

The new terminal will incorporate cutting-edge technology for security and check in process, focused on increasing capacity and throughput, elevating the passenger experience.

The intervention relocates security checkpoints, greatly increases the amount of concessions, improves the appearance of interior spaces and enhances the way in which the passenger interacts with the Terminal. The project is meant to improve the functionality of the airport and focuses on a memorable experience.


Place/Date: Denver, 2015-Onwards
Client: Denver International Airport - Ferrovial
Budget: Confidential
Area: 115.000 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Project Status: Under Development
Team: luis vidal + architects