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B&B Hotel Puerta del Sol Madrid

luis vidal + architects goes a step further in the smart boutique hotel concept to offer a technological, flexible interior architecture with a positive impact on the traveler. The B&B Puerta del Sol Hotel is a 3,350 square meter building in the heart of Madrid, at 10-12 Montera Street. The fit out, interior design and equipment has been carried out in 74 rooms and public areas. The work of luis vidal + architects has turned the hotel into the flagship of the French chain of B&B hotels.

It has created an evocative transition between the city and the individual sphere, between travel and rest. The goal has been differentiation through innovation and sustainability, values ​​that are in the DNA of the studio, to offer a customer experience that leaves a positive and memorable emotional footprint. Customization, new technologies, natural light, textures, colors, acoustics and circulation management have been studied and maximized to raise the customer experience one step beyond the smart boutique hotel concept.

Photographs © Víctor Sájara


Place/Date: Madrid, 2016
Client: B&B Hotels
Budget: 500.000 euros
Area: 3,350 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Project Status: Built
Team: Andoni Arrizabalaga - Almudena Bustos - Marta Cumellas - Beatriz Eyries - Zainab Ibrahim - Patricia Quillez - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal