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Social Housing - Responsible Housing

The objective of this research is to study prefab systems and its application to the design of social housing as a starting point for the definition and development of an emergency housing model.

Research is carried out considering the context and need for such housing in emergency situations; the determination of requirements to be met and the necessary tools for its design.

The framework is limited to South American countries, focusing in Colombia and Peru and taking into consideration the specific context and conditions that will influence the design process.

The emergency housing must be self-sufficient in order to assure the occupancy of their inhabitants in extreme situations and lack of resources.

The primary objective of the sustainability strategy is to minimize energy consumption with an architectural design, adapted to the local climate, which guarantees a low consumption of energy.

Rainwater collection on roofs for irrigation purposes.


Place/Date: Colombia and Peru, 2011
Client: Private
Budget: Confidential
Surface: Not available
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: Research study
Team: Oscar Torrejón - Irene Capote