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To design a Pylon means to deal with;
the changing landscape it seats in,
the varying of colour in the different seasons,
the notion of repetition of a family of elements
the idea of information and energy flow, and how to communicate those.

To design of a Pylon means to deal with Motion. Therefore, we propose a structure that changes depending on your point of view, if you are close or far way, if you move or you are standing still. A structure that changes in time.

The design is based in 6 design principles:
Design Efficiency.
Structural Efficiency.
Maintenance and Durability.
Nature Friendly.

To design a pylon means to deal with motion.


Place/Date: United Kingdom, 2011
Client: RIBA / British National Grid
Budget: Confidential
Surface: Not available
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Calter Ingeniería, Aguilera Ingenieros
Project Status: Competition
Team: Luis Vidal - Naira Perez Alonso - Guillermo Mascort - Carlos Peña - Andoni Arrizabalaga - Nick Axel