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Velázquez 34

The Rosales group gives us the opportunity to intervene in the old Banco Popular offices. A building located in an enclave without equal, at the corner of the “Golden Rectangle” of Madrid between Goya and Velázquez. A situation that gives the building exceptional visibility.

The starting point for the development of the proposal is the facade module. A unit that responds to the needs of modulation and interior compartmentalization. It is towards the outside where this module is shaped according to the values and external agents that we use as parametric variables for its design. Applying values such as sunlight, we can see how the ideal warp of the module is to generate an inclined plane of glass as an “awning” with perpendicularly rotated planes for East/West protection.

In this way, we can apply infinite values that mold the module and give the best answers for each of these parameters. We include values such as reflection, a value that, in addition to protecting from the sun, generates a set of visuals and an infinity of points of view that integrates and relates to the city, providing the building with colors of the environment and the dynamism of the surrounding streets.

Values such as noise, interior viewing angles, or self-shading of the facades by trees or adjacent buildings are other parameters that end up shaping the proposal.

The upper office floors are designed with a three-dimensional skin, a cut diamond, elegant, which protects from the sun, ambient noise and, in turn, allows maximum natural lighting inside. The three-dimensional skin adapts to the building’s sunlight needs, endowing the whole with an expressive form and a recognizable image. In short, an ICON for the city.

During the night, an artistic lighting solution is integrated into the facade that interacts with the city in a subtle way, adding value to the building and transferring it to its surroundings. For the expressive importance to reside in the “diamond”, which is the main volume of offices, the base adopts a more neutral character.

A tridimensional carved skin that protects from the sun and transforms the building into a new icon for the city


Place/Date: Madrid, 2017
Client: Grupo Rosales
Budget: Confidential
Area: 7.500 m² + 2.800 m² parking
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: LDC
Project Status: Tender
Team: David Fernández Feito - Louis Edwards - José Luis Ferández-Moráis - Isabel Gil - Carlos González - Baylee Holder - Peru Medem - Nicolás Orellana - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal