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Studio Legal Corporate Tower

The project begins with an initial phase of intervention on the current offices of Studio Legal Terrero & Mejía, currently under construction, in order to help enhance a differentiating image that is a precursor, in the short-medium term, of a second phase of demolition and new construction of a unique corporate building, of pioneer typology in the country in terms of the way of integration of residential use with that of commercial-offices.

This new corporate tower, in downtown Santo Domingo, stands out for the flexibility in the configuration of its spaces, being subject to the different needs of future users.

To emphasize the vertical character of the element that is presented as an architectural icon, heights in the part of homes are reduced by taking the office tower to the maximum levels, with an energy capturing end element for the whole, balancing the environmental impact on the basis to the self-generation of clean energy.

The new Tower of Studio Legal Terrero & Mejía will be a technology and innovation reference, with an envelope resulting from a dissociation of glass slats and metal mesh. In turn, this skin folds and unfolds progressively as it reaches the upper levels, providing privacy where it is needed and the best visuals of the city where it reaches its highest level.

This modern, dynamic building with a strong personality in its relationship with the city will grow true to the company's values, always retaining its identity.


Place/Date: Santo Domingo, 2019
Client: Studio Legal Terrero & Mejía
Budget: Confidential
Area: 11.000 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Project Status: Under development
Team: luis vidal + architects