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Patio Embajada

Patio Embajada is a commercial project for the group Patio Capital Partners that responds to a set of goals, values and design strategies based on the architectural quality, functionality and profitability. 
It offers a new commercial activity format in which users enjoy an innovative and comfortable experience, that integrates into the city and its context, while respecting its surroundings and the environment.
Patio Embajada stands as the best reference among Santo Domingo´s shopping centre, for it is a pedestrian public space, 100% accessible, around which commercial activity takes place, and in which different open air activities can happen.
In Patio Embajada, vehicles can easily access and park, while users, such as pedestrians, enjoy a flexible way of carrying out their commercial activities in a safe and multipurpose atmosphere.
The proposal sits with respect on its surroundings and takes into acount highly- efficient constructive systems together with local technology, and at the same time implements bioclimatic strategies that make it sustainable.
Patio Embajada is the image of the future open-air shopping centres in Santo Domingo, locating user´s experience in the centre of the scheme and offering a quality and environmentally friendly architecture.


Place/Date: Santo Domingo, 2018-ongoing
Client: Patio Capital Partners
Budget: Confidential
Area: 19058 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Project Status: Under development