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Moinsa Headquarters Móstoles

The intention of Moinsa is to relocate the administrative and R&D activities to an ad hoc site independent from the industrial process and more functional and modern than the current facilities.

The new headquarters will incorporate a showroom for one of Moinsa’s most well-known brands, the only part of the complex open to the public.

The proposal of luis vidal + architects is based on a series of rounded off and overlapping surfaces superimposed on a structural mesh that completely takes over the site. All floors are different and shape a variety of interior spaces, with double-heights, attics, porches and balconies. The result is a multifunctional space and a landmark that can be seen from the A-IV highway, promoting the brand.

A series of rounded off surfaces on a structural mesh with an optimum module


Place/Date: Móstoles, Madrid, 2008
Client: Móstoles Industrial
Budget: Confidential
Surface: 3.800 m²
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: CSP, D-Fine, Grupo JG, GV 408
Project Status: Tender
Team: Marta Cumellas - Gentaro Shimada - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal