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Manuel Cortina 2

Gmp gives us the opportunity to become involved in the old offices of the Mapfre building, located in the Chamberí neighborhood. As luis vidal + architects, we see the opportunity to use and exploit the urban space between the headquarters of Gmp and the Mapfre building as a chance to care for the space and, in turn, use it to enhance the image of both buildings.

We find two unique office buildings in a residential neighborhood, requiring proper integration into the vicinity. In addition to establishing a connection with the Gmp building, the proposal is integrated into the environment, by orders, rhythms, and cornice lines to create the guidelines for the design of the ground floor. This generates a contrast between the upper part of the tower with a greater urban layout, a landmark, and the lower base part that complements the city and speaks to it in a more humanized way. 

For the upper floors of the tower, a double skin is proposed. A light, subtle shell that protects from the sun, the ambient noise and, in turn, allows the maximum natural lighting inside. The shell adapts to the building’s sunlight needs, providing the whole with an expressive form and a recognizable image. In short, a landmark for the city.

A shell that varies according to the different times of day and that captures different reflections according to the variations of the ambient sky lighting, etc. And when night falls, it mutates to become a beacon, a lighthouse that gently guides the users of the city. The expressive importance resides in the shell, which houses the main volume of offices. The base adopts a more neutral character; a facade that dialogues with the annexed buildings and that integrates and protects them. A base that enhances the landmark and stays in the background, but with large spaces providing excellent levels of natural lighting.

An opportunity to transform the city while enhancing the image of the two buildings


Place/Date: Madrid, 2017
Client: GMP
Budget: Confidential
Area: 14.500 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Project Status: Tender
Team: Trinidad Antunovic - David Fernández Feito - Isabel Gil - Carlos González - Joaquín Maire - Peru Medem - David Peña - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal