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Julián Camarillo business park

The project is born with the aim to create a new business park in the area of Julian Camarillo (Madrid), which is becoming very popular for its transformation from an industrial neighbourhood to a business area with a refreshing new image that will get the attention of big corporations. 

The ground floors of the business park will offer retail areas while office space in the upper levels. Uses are distributed in two almost identical buildings of five stories each. The way both buildings are arranged in the site will provide a new public space for the city, connected with another open area that will be private for the business park users. These two open spaces will be provided with significant landscaped areas.

Two underground levels will facilitate carpark space for more than 300 vehicles.

The project aims to achieve LEED Platinum certification. This implies a sustainable building in terms of the use of materials, as well as the energy consumption. For that purpose, it is provided with renewable energy systems like solar and PV panels.


Place/Date: Madrid, 2017-Onwards
Client: Bouygues Inmobiliaria S.A.
Budget: Confidential
Area: 36,800m2
Architects: luis vidal + arquitectos
Contributors: Calter, Lynka, Arup, Margarida, CSP, FSL Ingeniería y diseño sostenible S.L.
Project Status: Scheme Design and Property Management
Team: Rocío Alonso, María Arce, Humberto Martínez, Pedro Portillo, Óscar Torrejón, Luis Vidal