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proyectos / Masterplan / EL CAÑAVERAL URBAN PLANNING

El Cañaveral Urban Planning

The proposed design has two objectives: To convert the site, located in the middle of a park, into the protagonist of the area, and to establish continuity with the rest of the neighborhood.

On this plot, the project has sought to convert this area into a meeting point between the different forms of public transport: metro, trams and local buses, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian lanes.

By concentrating all forms of transport in a single interchange center, public space that would be reserved for green areas is released.

The park, as the plot’s axis, generates microclimate and biomass, and it is also a leisure center and meeting point for the neighbors and marks the boundary of urbanization, while providing superb views to the neighborhood.

A park generating a microclimate and biomass


Place/Date: Madrid, 2008
Client: Compensation Board Canaveral
Budget: Confidential
Area: 250.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects / RSH + Partners
Contributors: Arup, Arquitectura Agronomía (Teresa Galí-Izard)
Project Status: Schematic design
Team: Marta Cumellas - Isabel Gil - David López - Chris Dawson - Erick Maass - Simon Smithson - Óscar Torrejón - Paloma Uriel - Luis Vidal - Laura Villa