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Serrano Masterplan

The project aims to boost tourism shopping and return to Calle Serrano the original elegance of the boulevard. It proposes to interweave a series of cultural spaces that provide a continuity of environments and end up meeting in Plaza de Colón. This will recover the lost harmony, and leave behind the immense congestion and noise as a thing of the past.

It is committed to promoting the quality of space by giving priority to public transport and using exclusive spaces that improve user accessibility and harmonize the whole.

​​​​​​​Exclusive spaces that improve user accessibility


Place/Date: Madrid, 2004
Client: Madrid City Council
Budget: Confidential
Area: 5 km
Architects: luis vidal + architects / RSH + Partners
Contributors: Arup
Project Status: Tender
Team: Ignacio Álvarez-Monteserín - Marta Cumellas - Isabel Gil - Juan Laguna - Erick Maass - Ana Marco - Simon Smithson - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal