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Zaragoza Airport C.I.P. Lounge

The authorities hall at the old Zaragoza airport had to be renovated, respecting its external structure, and redefining its interior spaces with an up-to-date but timeless design. We aimed to connect together light, glass and metal, creating a diffuse space in their vertical structures.

The main hall is covered with a glass structure going from the ceiling to the floor and including openings, with recessed lighting in the lower and upper perimeter.

The exterior lamps are tinted and create a faint and subtle lighting that fills the room. The mesh of wires running through the glass walls provides the spaces with a fresh and bright feeling, achieving not only a relaxing environment but also, as needed, covering walls and spaces. The wood paneling for the ceiling was applied to the floor as well, to reinforce the function of the vertical walls and give the comfortable furniture a leading role, with pure lines that scarcely require decoration.

The sliding-door accesses to the three existing halls were turned into arcs of light through the backlit glass panels, creating a unified environment inside.

An elegant and comfortable space to relieve the stress of travel


Place/Date: Zaragoza, 2008
Client: Aena
Budget: 2 M €
Area: 700 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Alicia de la Rosa, Alis, Episa, Grupo JG, Sener y Tomás Dalda
Project Status: Built
Team: Claudio Balluff - Eva Couto - Marcin Koltunski - David López - Manuel Navarro - Martina Rauhut - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal