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Fit Out - Castellana 43

The strategy for the development of the Abengoa offices in the Castellana 43 building is based on the adaptation of spaces, seeking innovation in current work habits, and promoting communication and spatial comfort through the "landscape office".

The organizational scheme seeks optimization of spaces and a more balanced distribution of areas by uses. The main actions are: an extension of the open space areas with the consequent reduction of individual offices, and the unification of common services around the central core and the reduction of the proportion of corridors.

Spatial and environmental quality is achieved by means of a multisystem beam (cold beam) for air conditioning of the work areas. This system optimizes the ceiling height in the entire open plan area and promotes environmental quality and thermal comfort.

The fit out of Castellana 43 has achieved a LEED Gold award.

Functional layout seeking an optimization and a better quality of spaces


Place/Date: Madrid, 2012
Client: Abengoa
Budget: 2,8 M € (estimated cost)
Area: 8.603 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects / RSH + Partners
Contributors: Arup
Project Status: Completed
Team: Eva Couto - Juan Laguna - Jugatx López Amurrio - Carmen Márquez - Irene Rojo - Roberta Sartori - Gentaro Shimada - Simon Smithson - Óscar Torrejón - Sol Uriarte - Josefina Vago - Luis Vidal