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New Image for Castellana 66

The proposal of luis vidal + architects is to modify the building from various perspectives in order to highlight the uniqueness of Castellana 66:

  • The presence of light and color installations over the protected trees to obtain a new perception of the square at dusk.
  • ​​​​​​​A double luminous facade, changing and programmed, like a giant firefly.
  • The use of water in movement to energize the spaces and to astonish the passerby (like, for instance, the fountains we see in London and Warsaw).
  • The use of walls of vegetation: a living lining for the building, changing according to light and seasons.
  • The incorporation of artistic pieces: a sculpture that characterizes the exterior space and complements the building.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the Castellana 66 building


Place/Date: Madrid, 2008
Client: Private
Budget: Confidential
Area: Not available
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: Gentaro Shimada - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal