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V-es Door Handle

A contribution to the world of hardware design.

A band of metal and rubber that bends and fits around the axis of the handle.

It can be coated with different materials in a variety of shades, allowing a customized design for each user.

The hollow in the design of the handle allows the door to be opened both by leaning on the upper back of the latch and pulling from the bottom.

The spine, wide and curved, provides greater ease and makes the design suitable for use in spaces for the disabled.

Hardware design with different materials


Place/Date: Madrid, 2009
Client: El Picaporte
Budget: Confidential
Area: Not available
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: El Picaporte, Heac
Project Status: On sale
Team: Carlos Peña - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal