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Noken Faucets Line

MOOD is a new line of faucets designed by luis vidal + architects. 

MOOD presents the essence of water. This new iconic design has been created as a fusion between simplicity and emotion. The faucet line is inspired by natural water flow and aims to reduce water consumption. These faucets stand out due to their original geometric lines, which radiate simplicity and integrity, and create an immediate sense of attraction, inviting the user to interact with it. The flat spout of the faucet allows a better water flow and keeps the aerator hidden, improving the user experience.


We have used the available technology to reduce complexity and to make our daily life a little more comfortable, allowing users to enjoy their environment while at the same time making responsible use of it. The digital control of the faucet has two modes: the first, “sleep” (off) presents the product when it is not being used. A second mode, “awake” (on) activates a series of luminous icons, which invite the user to start browsing through the different options in a very intuitive way. The “preset” functions (programmed) allow each user to customize the flow rates and temperatures for different uses.


The design has been developed in order to offer an intuitive, simple, and straightforward use, ensuring that the water usage adjusts itself to each function. The icons humanize the technical component of the interface, making the use of the faucet very easy. 

MOOD: The perfect balance between nature, technology, quality, and design.

An improvement in the user experience


Place/Date: Madrid, 2007-2012
Client: Noken, Porcelanosa Grupo
Budget: Confidential
Area: Not available
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: On sale
Team: Nick Axel - Guillermo Mascort Morillo - Carlos Peña - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal