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UC Christus Hospital

The project includes the remodeling of the Emergency Department building, located in the UC CHRISTUS Clinical Hospital located in downtown Santiago.

Currently the building is part of a larger complex as it is integrated into the dependencies of the Catholic University. The wealth of the block does not only reside in this, but it is valued by the existence of a series of interconnected patios, pleasant to the use and to the transit, with abundant vegetation. Therefore, the proposal has a certain integrating character, being able to converse with the environment, contributing:

-An urban response to what happens in Calle Marcoleta, where several accesses of great character converge, which must be clearly differentiated and easily located by patients and visitors.

-An architectural response that contributes wealth and identity to the whole, but keeps a dialogue with the existing elements.

-A functional response, to provide a solution to the requirements of the service and that is easily expandable in the future, so as not to collapse the growth capabilities of the service and the Hospital.

The proposal contemplates the expansion from 32 to 50 boxes, maintaining the rest of the necessary uses for this type of emergency services. Based on a distribution, according to the severity of the patient, the uses with less severe patients are distributed immediately next to the waiting area and triage, and the most serious patients are located in the innermost area, next to the elevators of the High Complexity Tower. In this way, the connection with the other critical services of the Hospital is immediate.


Place/Date: Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2016
Client: Red de Salud UC Christus, Universidad Católica
Budget: Confidential
Area: 5.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: N/A
Project Status: Competition
Team: Competition