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Geriatric and Mental Health Services - Magallanes Clinical Hospital

The location of the plot that will house the new Geriatrics and Mental Health Center of the Clinical Hospital of Magallanes is ideally placed in terms of connectivity and relationship to the urban context.

The positioning of the building on the site seeks to take advantage of the height of the land with clear views over the Magellan Straits thanks to its height above sea level.

Public access is located on the south side of the building. Each entry is defined by the breaks in the facade and the small squares in front of them. On the north side of the building we find a road intended for service use.

The height and fragmentation of the volume gives the building a human scale and at the same time makes it recognizable in its environment. 

The project has been designed as a group of eight pavilions that house different types of courtyards and outdoor spaces. Each of the pavilions has a specific function and they are annexed through the green spaces and the users' connection.

Diverse quality of spaces offering multiple experiences to the patients


Place/Date: Punta Arenas, Región de Magallanes y Antártida Chilena, Chile, 2014
Client: Gobierno Regional de Magallanes
Budget: Confidential
Surface: 7.658 m2
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: João Abreu - Marta Cumellas - David Fernández Feito - Isabel Gil - Arturo López-Bachiller - Concha Millán - Sara Moreno - Enrique Pérez - Santiago Sánchez - Oscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal