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New Pontevedra Hospital

The proposal is halfway between a hospital with a horizontal configuration and a vertical one, aiming to have the least possible visual impact and adapting to the surroundings.

The proposal takes advantage of the great unevenness existing in the site with the treatment blocks occupying nearly all of the lower surface with large landscaped courtyards that serve to divide the spaces and enable ventilation and natural lighting, while in the upper part are the elements of Admissions with access to private outdoor leisure areas.

​​​​In the future, peripheral growth is made possible by the continuity of the scheme.

A proposal halfway between a horizontal hospital and a vertical one


Place/Date: Pontevedra, 2010
Client: SERGAS (Galician Health Service)
Budget: 176 M €
Area: 200.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Arup, D-fine y CSP
Project Status: Tender
Team: David Ávila - Eva Couto - David Fernández - Amparo Galván - Isabel Gil - Carolina Hernández - Javier Palacios - Cecilia Piñeiro - Ángela Rodríguez - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal