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Netclinic Medical Center

The Project proposes a new way of providing health care services in Santo Domingo. Once built, it will be an innovative, modern, effi cient and conscious building, becoming the fi rst Boutique Hospital of the Country. It will offer an extensive array of high standard facilities such as Surgical Unit, Diagnostic Imaging, Intensive Care Unit, Obstetric Unit and Emergencies; besides, the new hospital will anticipate to the future as it will have a dron
port on its rooftop.

The big challenge was allocating and organizing in an efficient way, all the diverse and specialized uses, within the limits of a very small site. The result is a 10 storey building with a lower ground fl oor and 4 basements. The vertical arrangement of uses is refl ected by the building volumes: two stereometric blocks stacked one on top of the other and divided by a horizontal diaphragm (the plant area) and a singular element in the southeast corner where main public areas are placed (such as waiting areas, cafeteria and multipurpose room).

The building envelope has a special relevance in order to achieve a maximum comfort for the users. The volumetric confi guration of the facade is shaped in order to guarantee the best comfort conditions (privacy and solar exposure) of the patient, adapting to the very use of each room. By establishing a direct connection between function and the shape, the building declares all its complexity and refl ects its commitment to quality and

The arrangement of the internal spaces is organized in order to facilitate the orientation and minimize the patients stress. The way-fi nding strategy is articulated by paths and feature places. Among those the Main access hall stands out as a fi lter-space between the city and
the building, generating a strong visual connection with the urban space. The Internal Patio is also designed as an iconic element, a space fully dedicated to the leisure and relaxation of the patient. This iconic space has been designed in order to achieve the privacy and solar exposure control.


Place/Date: Dominican Republic; 2019
Client: Fideicomiso Medicalnet Clinic
Budget: Confidential
Area: 22.786 sqm
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Calter, Inica
Project Status: Detail Design
Team: luis vidal + architects