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Navarra Hospital

The University Hospital of Navarra, a reference private hospital in Spain, has launched a closed tender for the construction of its new clinic in Madrid.

luis vidal + architects has designed a building with two different scales: a large, strong, and powerful scale to be viewed from the A-2, and a smaller and fractionated scale on the side that faces the access street. In this way the building shows a gentler face towards the residential neighborhood, from which there is an access to Emergency Services, Outpatients, and Admissions.

The program is integrated in three modules, which are staggered in sections to respond to the difficult topography of the site, in a fit of form and function complying with the strict regulations regarding the maximum heights allowed. As usual in luis vidal + architects hospital typology, the building “fingers” are connected through a central spine that hosts communications and facilities. The future expansion is conceived as a building on stilts, which would integrate the two new hospital wings, extending the spine as an “umbilical cord”.

Additionally, luis vidal + architects creates a completely separate corridor to be used by personalities who want to be treated incognito.

The proposed new University Clinic of Navarra in Madrid is a full rendering of the principles of luis vidal + architects in hospital design: flexibility, separation in terms of flows and healing architecture, with the incorporation of natural lighting in the consulting and treatment areas. The adaptation of modularity to a more dynamic geometry, together with a careful treatment of the landscape, breaks with the pattern of an overly imposing building and makes it a friendly hospital that welcomes the user with open arms.

New Navarra Hospital


Place/Date: Navarra, 2013
Client: University Hospital of Navarra
Budget: Confidential
Area: Not avalaible
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: Carmen Andujar - Maria Astiaso - Marta Cumellas - Magdalena García de Durango - Jugatx López Amurrio - Fran Rojo - Gentaro Shimada - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal - Pablo Vila