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Vitoria University Hospital

Third prize in an international competition to design the new Araba University Hospital in Vitoria.

The Health Service of the Basque Country proposes the integration of specialized care in a single General Hospital, which will serve more than 340,000 people, in which the teaching and research of the province of Álava is concentrated. Therefore, the Vitoria University Hospital is envisaged as a complex with a recognizable and easily identifiable image, a symbolic building, a landmark for the city.

The Vitoria University Hospital design approach resolves the refurbishment of the existing hospital and the proposal for an extension, which doubles the healthcare area, housing it in the area of diagnosis, treatment, and admissions in a complex phasing of the works that allows for the continuity of the hospital activities.

The Vitoria University Hospital is flexible, modular, and expandable, guaranteeing great flexibility in the face of change and the capacity for future growth. It is an efficient hospital with simple and clear flow diagrams that optimize the treatment and recovery processes, and in turn the economic resources, given that the complex will be both publicly funded and managed.

The Vitoria University Hospital is a modern, technological, and safe hospital, technologically equipped with the latest generation systems that promote connectivity with other health infrastructures, teaching, research and innovation, becoming a forum for scientific discussion to promote advances in applied medicine for acutely ill patients and those with chronic diseases.

A benchmark hospital committed to teaching, research and innovation


Place/Date: Vitoria, País Vasco, 2012
Client: Osakidetza
Budget: 133,28 M € (PEC, CC) 161,27 M € (PEC + IVA, CC + VAT)
Area: 175.000 m² (150.000 m2 +25.000 m2 car park)
Architects: luis vidal + arqchitects / HDR
Contributors: HDR, Calter Ingeniería, Boslan, José Antonio Valdés, Antonio Albertos
Project Status: Tender, Third prize
Team: David Ávila - Alba del Castillo - David Fernández-Feito - Susanne Forner - Isabel Gil - Carlos González - Carolina Hernández - Nuria Martínez - Francisco Sanjuan - Gentaro Shimada - Javier Torrado - Óscar Torrejón - José Braulio Vega - Luis Vidal