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Infanta Leonor Hospital

The Health Service of the Community of Madrid proposes to modernize all its healthcare infrastructures by using as a model the concession scheme with a public-private partnership (public health management and private non-health management) for the construction, financing, and management of eight new hospitals.

This newly built hospital, belonging to this group, is the first of a new type of hospital for the 21st Century, based on two main concepts within healthcare architecture. Curative architecture, focused on the well-being of the patient, through the careful study of architectural and interior design, focusing on key aspects such as natural lighting and the creation of therapeutic gardens; and the “Airport Hospital” concept, developed through the relevant experience that our team has gained in airport design, applying a methodology dedicated to the reduction of passenger stress, and improvement of the experience through optimized circulation, spatially clear routes, and direct visual connections between the different areas within the building. 

This strategy contributes to create an efficient hospital with a modular scheme that allows for future extensions and maximum flexibility, that is well-connected and with segregated routes for flows of different natures, such as staff and patients, thus optimizing facilities and minimizing redundant areas, achieving a recognizable image and an integrated building. The building is organized along a central spine, which connects six different satellite buildings of different sizes and colors, and which helps the user to orientate within the building and to create clear and identifiable spaces.

In terms of responsibility, sustainable strategies have been implemented in all phases of the design, applying both passive and active measures for controlling energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

The use of color and the quality of the spaces improve the patient experience


Place/Date: Madrid, 2005-2008
Client: Vallecas Hospital S.A.
Budget: 85 M € (PEC, CC) 98,6 M € (PEC + IVA, CC + VAT)
Area: 187.165 m² (107.641 m² hospital + 79.524 m² parking)
Architects: luis vidal + architects / Araujo y Berned
Contributors: IDOM Ingeniería
Project Status: Built
Team: Ramón Araujo - Arturo Berned - Alfredo Biosca - Alicia Castilla - Marta Cumellas - Carlos de Luxán - Carlos de Miguel - Carlos Garijo - Isabel Gil - Jaime Guerrero - Maike Hübner - José Jurado - Kasia Kopczynska - Arturo López-Bachiller - Elisa Martínez - Ignacio Martínez - Javier Palacios - Enrique Serrano - Elena Suárez - Andrés Themudo - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal