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Tlemcen Hospital - Algeria

The proposal is integrated within the environment, balancing and harmonizing the existing fabric and serving as a catalyst for future dynamism. The new hospital is integrated into the territory, reinterpreting local architecture, giving to the complex a human scale, with an architecture that is versatile and flexible for future development, segregating the different types of flows, and facilitating user orientation. Finally, the building fully fulfills its social function, playing an active part in the recovery process of the patient.

The complex is based on a series of functional bands distributed along a north-south axis, organized as follows:

  • To the north: Training/research, management, and administration, with a public open-air square connected to the university.
  • To the west: Admissions, creating the calm environment necessary for observation and recovery processes.
  • To the east: The outpatient area, linked to the urban fabric of the city.
  • Central area: Diagnostic and treatment area, the building’s central axis.
  • Southwest of the site: Facilities, logistics, and general services, located below ground to facilitate a smooth operation.

The proposal includes measures of sustainability and energy efficiency, such as sunlight control and the use of green roofs with local species to minimize solar gain and to maximize water savings.

The proposal works as a generator element of the city


Place/Date: Tlemcen, Algeria, 2010
Client: Ministere de L’Habitat et de L’Urbanisme
Budget: 215,4 M € (PEC, CC)
Area: 232.501 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects / Zorg. Arquitectos / Architecture, Management & Gestions des Projets
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: David Ávila - Mario Castillo - Eva Couto - Isabel Gil - Carolina Hernández - Naira Pérez - Francisco Rojo - Irene Rojo de las Heras - Gentaro Shimada - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal