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Can Misses Hospital and Healthcare Centre - Ibiza

Designed by luis vidal + architects in a joint venture with Arup Engineering, D-fine for Bill of Quantities, and CSP for Health & Safety.

The Health Service commission is to refurbish and to extend the existing public Hospital into a new Healthcare Complex, tripling the sanitary surface and taking advantage of the change to transform the way the staff works, thus achieving a high-efficiency hospital. The construction and funding of this project is done through a concession model in which health services are public management and non-health services, private management. 

The design was conceived in order to reinterpret Ibiza’s local architecture by using a fragmented construction and introducing white as the predominant color, in this way being the largest building on the island that is an integrated part of the environment. The building extension doubles the existing surface area, housing all healthcare services, whilst the existing building is refurbished to house supplies and logistics facilities, freeing up a large area for future expansion and/or other uses.

The project restructures the flows of patients, families, and doctors and connections between services, thereby improving user privacy and the connectivity between services. It is a modular Hospital that is efficient, user-friendly, and allows for future growth.

Designed following sustainability guidelines, passive and active measures have been implemented from the initial stages for energy efficiency and to minimize environmental impact, such as the implementation of the “hospital garden”, sunlight control, or the creation of a cogeneration plant.

A highly efficient public-private participation Hospital


European Property Award 2015 - Best Public Service Architecture


Place/Date: Ibiza, Balearic Islands, 2008-2014
Client: IB Salut, Balearic Health Service
Budget: 73,6 M €
Surface: 67.132 m² (46.405 m2 hospital +1.991 m2 reform + 18.736 m2 car park)
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: D-fine
Project Status: Built
Team: María Astiaso - David Ávila - Marta Cumellas - Isabel Gil - Carolina Hernández - Jugatx López Amurrio - Héctor Orden - Francisco Rojo - Francisco Sanjuan - Oscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal - Begoña de Andrés - Almudena de Benito - Oscar Ignacio Encabo - David Fernandez Llompart - Cristina Galván - Magdalena García de durango - Jaime Gimeno - Itziar Lamy - Patricia Lozano - Paloma Martín - Javier Palacios - Martina Rauhut - Arturo Romero - Adriana Sobrini - Pablo Vila Ramiro