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Restoration of the Quinta Normal Greenhouse

The Quinta Normal Greenhouse is in a state of considerable deterioration and the budget for restoration is meager. This means that the intervention is focused on solving the structural damage with an economical expansion. 

The proposal is structured around four guidelines: economic, environmental, social and technical sustainability. These lead us to create a viable project, in line with the available budget, while respecting the memory of the Greenhouse. 

It is proposed that the existing glass will not be replaced but removed, and then to repair the metal structure by replacing the missing elements and applying treatments to stop further deterioration. 

Inside the central dome, a special element will be added to illuminate the metallic structure, a multifunctional module concentrating the program of activities for the revival of the greenhouse. In that way we are creating a flexible component, capable of hosting multiple activities related to horticulture and gardening, and when it is closed it turns into the lighthouse of the park.

Light restoration


Place/Date: Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile, 2014
Client: Santiago City Council
Budget: Confidential
Surface: 580 m2
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: -
Project Status: Tender
Team: Nuria Espina - David Fernández-Feito - David Fernández Llompart - Arturo López-Bachiller - Santiago Sánchez-Bonache - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal