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Renovation of Schacht Palace

The Commune of Providencia has taken shape as the new socio-economic and cultural center of the major metropolitan area. At the confluence of the main avenues of this area we find the Schacht Palace, built in 1920 in a neoclassical French style. 

The Palace was acquired in 1976 by the Municipality in order to preserve it and to incorporate it in the layout of the Avenida Nueva Providencia. Its declaration as a National Historic Monument in 2005 was awarded to the Providencia Cultural Foundation, thus opening its gardens as a public square in the congested commercial and financial center that surrounds it. 

The building was damaged after successive interventions and this prompted the Municipality of Providencia to commission the rehabilitation project.

The restoration of the emblematic Schacht Palace, following the guidelines of Germán Bannen, seeks to enhance the building, integrating it into the city’s urban pattern, and adapting its functional use as an accessible and multifaceted cultural center, while maintaining a contemporary vision of architecture.

luis vidal + architects seeks to restore the original structure of the building with a proposal that embraces the whole historical monument through a unitary design that identifies the Palace as a recognizable landmark that revitalizes the heart of Providencia.

“The Schacht Palace is part of the memory and identity of the population of Providencia as well as part of its community life. With this action we want to enhance its value as a monument, and turn it into a cultural meeting point for the use and enjoyment of the community “, said Luis Vidal.

Revitalizing the heart of the Metropolitan Area


Place/Date: Providencia, Santiago, Chile, 2015
Client: Ilustre Municipalidad de Providencia
Budget: Confidential
Surface: 2040 m2
Arquitects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: José María Jiménez, Leopoldo Palma, Mónica Pérez & Asociados, Estudio de Paisaje Arbolaria, Termovac Ingeniería, E3 Ingeniería, R & V Ingenieros, Absorbe, CES
Project Status: In development
Team: João Abreu - David Avila - Bernat Burguera - Juan José Cid - Valentina Chisci - Marta Cumellas - Beatriz Freiria - Arturo López-Bachiller - Carlos Maldonado - Concepción Millán - Sara Moreno - Enrique Pérez - Paola Ramírez - Juan Manuel Rubio - Santiago Sánchez-Bonache - Encarnación Serna - Gabriel Sgorbini - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal