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New Headquarters - Visigoth Section National Museum of Art

The proposal for the Museum’s headquarters is a building that serves the institution it represents. In order to formalize this function and express it in terms of architecture, it uses all options offered by the architectural language to shape it.

The building maintains a deeply respectful spatial relationship with the Roman Theater and Amphitheater, and the excellent Main headquarters of the Roman Museum. It manages to establish a series of relationships in order to complement and enrich the program that distinguishes the city of Mérida.

Speaking of its location in the site, the orientation chosen for the building was set by a strong desire to incorporate the archeological remains of the area into the building’s program and, by means of creating a public space, regain them for the city. The building’s orientation follows the axial alignment of “Cardo and Decumanus”, according to which the remains of the ancient wall, the irrigation ditch, and the “Emiral House” were situated, a location that directly relates the building with the theater and the amphitheater.

The continuity of the volume of greenery surrounding the ancient monuments, extending into our plot, reinforces this relationship, forming a green ring that, in a very natural way, helps the new incorporation and merges our building into the existing museum surroundings, completing the offer.

Incorporation of archeological remains into the building program


Place/Date: Mérida, 2010
Client: Ministry of Culture
Budget: 18,1 M €
Area: 7.439 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: Arup, Elena Sequeros y Victoria Polo, Natalia Huerta, Nosune, Ricardo Berzosa del Campo
Project Status: Tender
Team: David Ávila - David Fernández Llompart - Javier Palacios - Carlos Peña - Cecilia Piñeiro - Ángela Rodríguez - Francisco Rojo - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal