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Regional Library and Regional Archive Magallanes

The habilitation of the Regional Library and Regional Archive is part of the plan for the decentralization of the services of the Archives and Museums Library Directorate, whereby the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region will be the first to have a full-service infrastructure.

This initiative seeks to integrate the Regional Archive and Regional Library into the Historical Monument Building of the Regional Directorate of the Gendarmerie and the Monument Building of the Regional Penitentiary of Punta Arenas.

The original buildings of the late 19th Century will serve as a base to house the administration and public services, without interfering with the existing structures.

The necessary extensions to accommodate the rest of the facilities are nailed down with two new server buildings, which will complete the whole facades on Chiloé St. and a basement. In order to make the courtyard of the penitentiary suitable for a reading room, a transparent roof will cover it and create an entrance hall that frames the cellblock as a new interior facade.

Natural light will be used to redevelop the interior court of the penitentiary block into a big reading room.

Regeneration and transformation: A path to culture


Place/Date: Punta Arenas, Región de Magallanes y Antártida Chilena, Chile, 2014
Client: Dirección de Arquitectura MOP, Gobierno de Chile
Budget: Confidential
Area: 18.100 m2
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: José María Jimenez
Project Status: Tender
Team: Marta Cumellas - David Fernández-Feito - Arturo López-Bachiller - Concepción Millán - Enrique Pérez - Juan Manuel Rubio - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal