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Expo 2008 Bridge Pavilion

The design to cover a large surface over a river conflicted with the project’s sustainability, so it was decided to use an open structure for the expanse.

The structure is composed by a range of sloping arches, which fold down in series and are woven together, creating a surface that covers, gives shade, and contains an articulated platform at different levels.

The sequence of arches defines the various support points of the ramp. This fiberglass structure creates a wrapping that defines an open and protected space.

The pavilion is smoothly integrated into the topography of the riverbank, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

​​​​​​​Open structure in all its length


Place/Date: Zaragoza, 2005
Client: Expo Zaragoza 2008
Budget: 21 M €
Area: 27.000 m²
Architects: luis vidal + architects / RSH - Partners
Contributors: Elena Sequeros y Victoria Polo, Fhecor, Arup
Project Status: Tender
Team: Marta Cumellas - Jason García - Isabel Gil - Lennart Grubb - Iván Harbour - Carmen Márquez - Bárbara Pérez - Richard Rogers - Simon Smithson - Óscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal