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Crotched Mountain

Crotched Mountain is located within 1,400 acres on a south-facing mountainside in the state of New Hampshire, USA. The campus contains a total of 113,209 acres and 344,709 square feet with 23 buildings which used to operate an inpatient rehabilitation facility with a history going back to the 1950´s but the campus is currently in need of a general face lift.

The client´s wish is that Crotched Mountain be the world’s first “Autism Community”, providing programs for individuals on the autism spectrum that will include: a therapeutic boarding school, a post-high school residential program, vocational/job training and summer camp among other activities.

The scope consists of actions and activities that allow for an agile start-up, fundamentally making use of the current buildings and their facilities. The principle is: no demolition, no new buildings and no new roads.

The two main design constraints are to minimize intervention and to get the maximum potential from the site. Added to this is a client wish list full of creative spaces for the children and their families as well as a thought-out phasing.

The proposal for Phase 1 is divided into three aspects; Indoor Activities reorganized in existing buildings, new Outdoor Activities in the immediate surroundings, including the creation of a community heart space and a Mobility Network which is clearer and more direct, including a new bicycle road.

In Phase 2, new activities and uses are added to the buildings, a new welcome area is created to reinforce the sense of arrival and the heart of the community, and the introduction of electric vehicles will reduce the acoustic and visual impact of traditional modes of transport, giving priority to pedestrians.  


Place/Date: New Hampshire, U.S. / 2021
Client: The Gersh Academy
Budget: Confidential
Area: 344,709 sqft.
Architects: luis vidal + architects
Contributors: N/A
Project Status: Conceptual Masterplan
Team: Nuria Campillo – Jugatx López – Carlos Peña – Gentaro Shimada – Javier Torrecilla – Óscar Torrejón – Marcos Velasco Arias – Luis Vidal